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  • Awesome Kingfish, Happy Fisher!
  • The Far North, Jewel at the top of Aotearoa
  • AAhhh, Fishing Rocks it!
  • Kingish for Dinner!
  • Family Fun, a lifetime of memories!
  • This lovely Kingi was well earned!
  • Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime
  • Off the rocks X marks the spot!
  • Nice Trevally
    Nice Trevally
    Nice Trevally off the Beach!
  • Marty Walks his Talk
  • Now that's a beautiful snapper!
  • Who wouldn't want to be here?
    Who wouldn't want to be here?
  • Landbased Fishing NZ
    Landbased Fishing NZ
    Marty has over 20 years experience fishing the far north and guiding folks to those exceptional fishing spots
  • Fish Hard and get the Rewards!
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Hi guys welcome to my  landbased fishing site, I hope you get all the knowlage you require to catch fish and most important thing of all stay SAFE!

Landbased fishing has a lot more skills than just fishing.  Getting to your fishing location involves, driving, hiking, kayaking, chopper or boat. I have used and tested all the above. My favourite for a great adventure is a kayak, you can enjoy the serenity paddling your butt off in 30knt winds, or take a paddle on classy flat calm conditions.  Kayaks definitely have a great advantage over a boat. you can pull your vessel up onto rocks or beach. you are the motor so you don’t go beyond your boundries, so the  weather predicts what you can and cant do.

If you get board go play in the rock pools or have a snorkel, go explore more terrain,or just sit back and enjoy the serenity.

Landbased fishing (rockfishing) has claimed more lives than any other sport in the world! WHY? the angler makes a mistake, nothing to do with freak waves or weather, just the anglers decision. Austrailia has the most of the fatalitys and we have our share. In this site I will teach everything I know about fishing from the rocks or beach. I am making a rock fishing safety video which will explain and show everything in depth, (from the bottom gurgle gurgle). until then remember : don’t turn your back to the ocean! don’t where gumboots! don’t make stupid decsions. ( alcohole drugs) . but have a wicked time.


landbased hard.


Marty Benson