Learn with Marty

Most land based fishing competition winners are not just lucky, they are those guys that go to competitions and nearly always catch nice fish. They know how to find the holes, guts and fishy spaces that improve their chances without actually working harder than others, the Ninety Mile Beach Snapper Bonanza rewards these clever blokes with over $70,000 in cash and prizes. Then there is everyone else, who pretty much rock up and can spend a whole tournament catching the wrong fish, or worse, no fish at all. When the green eyed monster visits you as you watch that guy walking back with a bucket load of fish while you are fishing your heart out for not much, it is time to add to your knowledge base of where, when and how to improve your take.


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Marty is a well known and successful fisherman, he knows the spots to fish in any one day, but what if you are learning? How do you recognize a good spot, what is the best bait to use or what rig gets the job done when you might be off the rocks one day and at the beach the next, on the west coast or on the east.



Marty has put together some How To Videos to get you on your way, or you can book a fishing instruction session and go fishing with him to discover your inner fisho or advance your knowledge for a future full of dinner table delights or sport and fun.